Friday, February 20, 2009

Coot's Surgery

Since we don't have any children, Coot is like our child; so, I will write about him today. Coot has always had ears that tend to get allergies and get sore and need medicine. They don't get truly infected, just itchy and swollen. Well, this winter has been especially hard on one of his ears and he itched it so bad that he had to have surgery! He gave himself a hematoma on his right ear and Jason (our vet) had to drain it. Poor hound! It actually resembled cauliflower ear that an MMA fighter would get! So, yesterday he had the surgery. He has been wearing a "collar" for about a week to get some of the inflammation down and keep him from scratching it. Now, he has to wear the "collar" for 3 more weeks until the stitches come out. Speaking of the stitches, it must have been pretty bad because I thought the stiches would just be in a straight line, but instead are all over the place and are as thick as fishing line. He was pretty groggy last night, but still managed to whine from the pain; it really made us feel bad!

Here are a couple of close ups of his actual ear and the stitches. Just the hair growing back would make it itch!

We tried to keep his mind off of it by giving him a bone, but he just started to fall asleep with it in his mouth!


Kendell's Crusaders said...

Poor coot! That doesn't look fun :(

Anonymous said...

That is so sad :( Darn animals, we love them like our children so we do everything we can for them, and they are worth it!!

The Dunyons said...

Poor puppy Cooter! We love that mut! Give him kisses from Colby!