Sunday, March 15, 2009

Catching Up!

Here are some pictures from a few things we have been doing lately! About a week ago, Blake went on a snow goose hunt and had a great time! They shot quite a few birds and even shot a collared one! Yep, that one is going to the taxidermist!

Then, last week, Blake, Curt, and I went down to the Sportsman's Expo and you could hold a baby bear and have your picture taken with it (for $10)! Blake and Curt didn't want to pay the money, but I convinced them it was worth it :) We had our picture taken with one of the 2 month old cubs and then we could pet the other one for as long as we wanted. All three of us wanted to bring him home to play with! His paws were so fun to play with and when Blake started scratching his belly, the bear stretched out on his back and just enjoyed it! It was a blast!


Katie said...

Morgan, that bear is so darling! How fun.