Saturday, February 6, 2010

Corrine Kathleen Keyes

I haven't posted forever! When I was really pregnant, posting any pictures at all seemed like something I was not willing to do! On January 3rd, we welcomed Corrine Kathleen Keyes into the world! Corrine is a name both Blake and I liked (it is pronounced like the city), and Kathleen is Morgan's mother's name. She weighed 8 pounds 5 ounces and was 20.5 inches long at birth. January 3rd was my actual due date and I was induced at 7:30 in the morning; she was born later that night at 7:40. All in all the labor went pretty well with just a few minor issues. She had jaundice at the hospital and had to go under the lights to get rid of it. It was like a little tanning bed! That meant that she could only come out every three hours for me to feed and change her. It was hard for me to watch her under those lights all day, but she still looked pretty dang cute. She had to wear a mask to cover her eyes and we were calling it her Zorro mask! I can't believe she is already a month old!


melissa said...

Congrats on a new post but most importantly on new sweet Corrine! She is BEAUTIFUL. I want to see her again..she's probably changed so much.