Monday, August 31, 2009

Boat Fun!

So, we decided to buy my cousin's boat and take up boating. Actually, we have both always loved boating and water activities, but have never purchased a boat. Even though it is nearing the end of the season and I can't do much this year, we wanted to have it ready for next season and take the new baby out and have some fun family time! Here are a few pics from the first trip out on the new boat; it was a blast! Curt came up with us and Kelly brought Kendell and Cameron up for some fun times! Even though I couldn't try the wakesurfing or wakeboarding, I still loved watching Kelly and Curt try it out!


melissa said...

so fun! i love boating, hint hint :)

Kendell's Crusaders said...

Looks fun, wish I could have come. Glad my kids got to enjoy it though, they had a blast! :)